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Sorry nominations are closed for 2014.

From January 1st to February 15th, 30 Cows is looking for folks who need some design help. Do you know of a company, start-up or established, small or large, non-profit or for profit, that you think needs our help and is worth us investing our time in? You sure can nominate yourself if you want, but why not see if someone else agrees with you enough to nominate you as well.

What’s up for grabs?
Well we will work with you on 4 or 5 projects from branding to webdesign to office tattoos… whatever. We will sit down and talk about what you need and how we can help all without charging you a hot cent for our time.

This year we are very excited to have our partner, the awesomely talented developer, Josh Mallard joining in the pro bono partnership.

Also this year the nominator of the winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

How do I nominate someone?
It’s simple. Fill out the form below and at the end of February we will announce our selection in the news section and on twitter @30Cows.

Sorry nominations are closed for 2014.